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classic car storage



As an option, storage vehicles in our facility can be fully managed by our staff and placed on a management schedule for cosmetic and mechanical services. Eliminating you from worrying about all the small items that need to be done. Our management programs are custom to meet the needs of each client and their vehicle(s). 


We make sure all vehicles under management be road worthy at all times and ready to go at a

moment's notice, always looking and running their best either in our facility. We are even able to manage vehicle collections at owner's homes or personal warehouses.  

All vehicles that are enrolled in our professional vehicle management program receive a variety of services while storing with us. Click here to see the included services. If you are interested in additional concierge services, here are some of our custom services.

If an owner wants to come pick up their vehicle, they will notice upon arrival the vehicle warmed up, air-conditioning (or heat) on. We also deliver client’s vehicles to their homes, businesses, and the private aviation terminal. ​



Client's vehicles can be maintained without leaving the facility by a technician for regular maintenance items. We have a long list of resources for referring for technicians for specific vehicles. We also deliver client's vehicles to the mechanics of their choice for any routine maintenance or repairs then bring the vehicles back to our facility. If a client's vehicle has a leak we get in contact with the client immediately and make sure the repair is done promptly and properly! 


Since New Orleans does not have some of the service facilities that other cities have we are able to send vehicles out of state for service or repair. The owner just tells us where to send the vehicle and we will handle the rest. 


car detailing new orleans


The Motorsports Garage has affiliations with the best professional, licensed and insured transportation companies in the United States and around the world.  Our years of experience transporting client’s vehicles locally, around the country, and internationally has led to developing an incredible network of transporters to provide on-time, cost effective solutions.  We can manage the entire process for our clients, including loading and unloading at our facility.

For local transportation we personally deliver the vehicle to the location of the client’s choice or if needed, we offer enclosed local vehicle transportation for clients.

vehicle transportation new orleans
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